Cryptocurrency Trading

Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash is not the only business activity of Dominant Finance. The company also involves in cryptocurrency trading. 

Dominant Finance is the only company in the cryptocurrency market that really makes trades and brings real profit to customers. At the same time, the company make operational reports after trades so that investors can check their data on any neutral cryptocurrency resources. As we can see, there are no Ponzi schemes and no other "black schemes" here.

Dominant Finance just reported that recent trade at Binance on August 1, 2018 using 10 BTC has yielded 0.408 BTC four days later, equivalent to 4.08% net profit. This profit will be shared with investors, proving that the company distribute money to investors based on real business and not on the Ponzi scheme.

You can learn more about Dominant Finance by visiting its website HERE. You may also register to be an investor and/or business partner HERE. Should you need more information on how to invest, please fill up the inquiry form or send an email to