Dominant Finance to be launched on July 27

In less than 2 weeks, Dominant Finance will be launched on July 27, 2018. The website will be online on that day for registration of new investors and partners from all over the world.

Dominant Finance is a modern investment and mining company based on a fully-open and ready-to-grow platform built on the concept of mining and daily distribution of cryptocurrencies among all participant.

We invite you to become co-owner of mining equipment, without having to worry about any technical maintenance. With Dominant Finance, you'll get fully transparent and reliable information about the work of each commissioned miner and the payout received from the mining pool.

Dominant Finance second specialization is the management of the mined crypto assets at the largest crypto exchanges with high liquidity and reliability ratings, namely Binance, Bittrex, Krakein and Poloniex. The company will publish reports on all its trades, comment on, and explain each of its decisions, and you can track the company actions and real-trade indicators.